We can create DPP (Digital Production Partnership) files and deliver them to UK broadcasters on your behalf. Metadata has to be inserted ito the file, and that is part of our service.

We can ingest and transcode your content, perform all of the required checks, and provide the AQC printout, the Automatic Quality Control report as specified  and mandated by the DPP for all the UK broadcasters.  

We also deliver your file electronically using an ultra high speed server connected to leased lines.

Our service is available for one-off programmes, commercials, or we are happy to lock-out time slots for fast turn around episodic programs.

DPP certification requires:

*DPP specification AS-11 OP1a MXF file creation

*Flashing & pattern testing for photosensitive epilepsy

*Check for illegal luma levels

*Check for illegal color gamut

*Technical and and descriptive metadata validation


DPP  AS-11 Op1a File Creation

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