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Pixelfantastic upgrades Canon C-300  

to 80,000 ASA sensitivity!

Recommended by Martin Scorsese for its stunningly beautiful images and shallow depth of field, this new camera is a great new addition to our facilities.

Featuring very low picture noise compared to other cameras, our camera has been ruggedised for location using the German-made Denz support cage, and has custom color Matrixes to help match images to the Arri Alexa.

We recently used the C300 for the Hobbit Premiere in Berlin.

Camera flight case contains:

C300 EF & Denz Cage

11-16mm  Zoom                50mm Prime  T1.4

17-55mm  Zoom                85mm Prime  T1.8

70-200mm Zoom               90mm Macro lens

full set of Superspeed Prime lenses

4 x 32GB cards                  USB3 Card Reader

2 x 4 hour batteries            1.7x lens doubler

Genus Matte Box               French Flag

Follow focus                      15mm Rod set

Assist Flightcase contains:

2 x radio mikes                    2 x LED soft lights

TVLogic 8” monitor              V-Lock battery       

Call us for a quote to stream your event worldwide.

* brilliant picture quality

* brilliant audio quality

* trusted by UK royalty and world dignitaries

* streaming and film crew have high level  security clearance for government events

* up to 100,000 simultaneous viewers

* viewable on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad

Streaming can be done easily and cheaply when an internet connection is available at the venue.

If no internet is available, we can now provide a direct link to the Internet via our direct private satellite link.

Assembled and aligned in minutes, it is now possible to stream HD video from anywhere in europe.

* Uncontended connections up to 20Meg

* Low data cost

* Compact streaming encoders

Call us on +44 1268 710 900                                    email: pixelfantastic@mac.com

streaming FAQs

Sound is just as important as pictures, so we use ony the latest and best equipment for capturing great sound.

The Sennheisser 416 boom mike is coupled with a new Sound Devices  302  low-noise mixer, and a safety digital backup recording is sent directly to the new Zoom H6.


PSE-Fixer plugin


amazing new plugin for broadcasters and newsrooms

for Quantel and Davinci Resolve OFX


pixelfantastic plugins updated for

Quantel Rio v3

Pablo PA v3