A free plugin which lets you view each color channel separately in monochrome .

METADATA  (3D stereoscopic)

Film Studio Plugin

In feature film pipeline workflows, identifying every clip positively is essential. Metadata is hidden in the clip, and can be displayed as an overlay on the screen. Includes a complex search facility with on screen flags to visually display if search conditions are met. also includes full comprehensive timecode  display, and permits notes to be displayed on screen.



With so much editing work being done with LCD screens, and material coming from many sources, and being transcoded repeatedly, there an increasing problem with some videos arriving for broadcast with fields inverted. This plugin simply reverses the field order of the clip on the timeline. Quick and easy, and an essential tool for newsrooms.


A brilliant effect which simulates the variable and random gate-weave of a film projector. It does not scale up the image but uses subtle morphing and stretching at the edges to keep the image full frame. Lamp Flicker is user adjustable.


Creates the appearance of a bevel-edged glass frame around the image, with adjustable refraction and relection. Easy to use on-screen controls.


For nice picture in picture images, round off the corners and optionally add a soft edge to the shape. Handy on-screen controls make this really easy to use, and the image can be repositioned inside the round edged frame.


A deceptively simple plugin, which lets you pause a clip with one click, and resume playback after a predetermined time. This plugin greatly speeds up this often requested task, and has an inbuilt de-interlace effect so the paused frame does not field jitter.


A simple timecode plugin to burn in Timeline (destination) timecode onto a clip. Useful for sending approval copies to clients.

TIMECODE   (3D stereoscopic)

A fully functional Timecode plugin which burns in all available data on screen, Source and destination timecode, clip name, image size, framerate etc. Each on-screen element can be moved and resized, with user-defined text field and an optional logo overlay.


Designed to rapidly turn a clip on and off to reveal the layer below in a trippy way. A classic MTV style effect. Start and finish times can be set accurately, and the mark-space ratio us adjustable.

TIMER  (3D stereoscopic)

This sophisticated character generator includes a count-up & count-down timer which can be set to display hundredths, tenths or whole seconds. Ideal for tutorials, game shows or sports.


COUNTER   (3D stereoscopic)

Similar to Timer, except the numbers and timing are driven by the Quantel graph editor. Ideal for newsrooms to illustrate accumulation of numbers on animated graphics. Many text stryles, built in presets, and options for various numeric formatting.


Remove dead or stuck pixels from view by touching them with one of the 8 pixel probes, and this plugin will analyse the surrounding pixels on every frame, and re-populate the dead pixel with the correct color.


An analogue clock generator with eight clock styles, designed for broadcasters who need to prepare idents showing the time in multiple time zones. City names appear under each clock, and the second hand can either sweep or tick.


Legacy analog video often has poorly aligned chroma, which would in the past have been corrected with a delay line. This plugin is the digital equivalent of that tool, and can significantly improve vintage color video by re-aligning the color correctly on the Y component.


In addition to the conventional Strobe effect, this plugin can also create a unique “smooth strobe” effect which keeps the image alive by playing a very slow-motion move instead of just a still image.


Another tool to deal with legacy material. Older capture cards did not capture full width images (DPS only captured 702 of 720 pixels in PAL on early devices. This is very apparent when played back on computer screens and LCDs with little or no overscan. This plugin applies a progressive stretch to push the edges out to the frame edge without harming the protected area of the image.


A high speed plugin to remove field jitter from interlaced footage. Unlike some similar tools, this one correctly deals with 32 bit images with alpha.


Before de-interlace was available on Quantel systems, the work-around was to shift the whole image up by half a line, and let the hardware filtering calm the field jitter. This throwback effect uses the same techniques.


Surprisingly,  a broadcast monochrome image is not simply just a desaturated color image. The color components must be mixed according to ITU standards, which is what this plugin does.


Add a viewfinder overlay to your image, with a choice of different red pulsing REC display and animated overlays for battery condition, and end of tape warning.


Turn one image into a wall of repeated images with this easy to use effect. The images can have rounded or square corners and the effect generates its own colored background.


Used to simulate in post the effect of adding a filter to the matte box during shooting. The grad filter controls allow user to change the color of the filters, and the transition position using on screen controls. Presets for coral, tobacco, quarter blue filters, double grad filters and the funky hendrix filter, for those who remember Woodstock.

GPU Effects


Broadcast and Newsroom Plugin:

The first ever plugin designed specifically for this purpose, it uses the GPU to dynamically suppress the flashing, with the aim that the clip passes the PSE test. Every pixel in the image is recalculated and individually altered. So a 300 frame clip has 300 dynamically created luma and chroma keyframes, and alters levels of over half a billion pixels. A wonderful time-saver, with easy and expert modes. Unquestionably the easiest and fastest way to deal with problem flashing footage

MATRIX-RGB    (3D stereoscopic)

Film Studio Plugin:

A plugin designed by Walter Volpatto and coded by Barrie Williams to assist complex color manupulations, notably with ACES workflow. It is a 3 x 3 color transformation matrix, with important pre and post luminance controls on either side of the color matrix. Now optimised for 4K feature film worflow.


An unsophisticated film grain plugin which simply adds grain to be added to a clip. User can choose grain intensity, and if the grain is color or monochrome.


Turn any video onto a pencil sketch with control over line width and color content.


Simulate the old 405 line TV sets of yesteryear with this GPU effect. The number of lines overlaid is user selectable. Also used to create the impression of cctv footage.


A throwback to the days of projectors with RGB tube alignment problems. The individual red, green and blue color components can be moved to simulate mis-aligned tube guns. The effect is often animated to punctuate music videos and station idents, and to liven up graphic elements.


A fast way to blow out highlights and create an instant stylized effect. Controls can be animated, and the effect has a master mix control, to fade back seamlessly to the original image.


To stand out as better than normal mosaic effects, this sophisticated effect has an 'illumination' control, to add a 3D effect to the tiles, making them look more like lights than tiles. The underlying image can show through the mosaic tiles, or replaced with black.

Quantel Plugins